2020 New Year’s resolutions: the scents that foster change!

2020 New Year’s resolutions: the scents that foster change!

Having a hard time sticking to your New Year resolutions? Don’t fret, the right scents will help you stick to the changes and make it through the whole year!

As every end of the year we review our past behaviour and habits, evaluating ourselves and the goals achieved (or not met), with the new year beginning, it’s time to set our 2020 resolutions. Here are some tips on natural scents that can favour the change of our status quo, encourage our will to change and overcome that in-between phase where our long awaited “sense” of self-improvement has to be woken up!

Citrus based perfumes convey a feeling of euphoria by nature, so there’s no better way to uplift ourselves as we head into a new year. The energizing power of citrus perfumes bring out the silver linings: the essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot help our mind concentration, fight laziness and contrast dullness, encourage liveliness and that crave for action that are so important to keep our 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

For example the grapefruit scent in particular fosters the will to start afresh and to reorganize, the perferct mindset for a change. Besides citrus fruits we mustn’t forget other citrus scents such as lemongrass, a tropical herb usually employed in mosquito-repellent products. Its scent is disliked not only by mosquitos but laziness in general, and, as a matter of fact, lemongrass scent is useful in giving up on old habits and start afresh. Any better time than now?

Changing scenario and moving from citrus to aromatic scents, we can find just as much motivational scent to foster change. Among plants and herbs there are some natural ingredients of aromatic perfumes that can help us stick to our 2020 resolutions: peppermint scent, for example, nurtures mind concentration and precision, just as the scent of eucalyputs which aids concentration and mental focus.

The scent of bay leaves helps us maxime our energies while the perfume of basil triggers the desire of tidiness and precision, useful supports to pursue our goals all along the year.

All this said, sticking to our 2020 New Year’s resolutions sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it? And here comes the bitter end…Just keep in mind that although all the scents we mentioned are valid aids to help you welcome a time for change, only you can truly make the difference.

Whatever your 2020 New Year’s resolutions list may be, we wish you a very happy new year!