Foglia Ghiacciata, the green-spicy fragrance to cool your August

Foglia Ghiacciata, the green-spicy fragrance to cool your August

When it comes to summer it’s important to remember that some types of perfumes have to be preferred to others. Olfactory notes, in fact, are more or less evident according to the temperature. For example, citrus notes are less perceivable compared to woody ones, naturally enhanced by the heat. Merged (and partly melted) in this hot summer, we have tested the summer fragrances on our skin and found out that August is perfect timing for a refreshing plunge in the restoring jus of Foglia Ghiacciata eau de parfum.

Foglia Ghiacciata is one of 12 eau de parfums of La via del profumo collection and it is inspired by what in Latin was called genius loci, the indefinable spirit that distinguishes a location, so is Foglia Ghiacciata inspired by the genius loci of Malbacco, a suggestive spot in the hills of Versilia with natural waterfalls, surrounded by wild rocks and majestic woods. A green-spicy perfume that lingers on olfactory notes of fig, pink pepper and mint.

Green perfumes communicate an intense bond with nature: a green fragrance evokes a luxurious lawn, the morning dew, the scent of freshly cut hay…Green facet in perfume is suggestive of a journey and a quest for quietness, in perfect harmony with nature. Spicy perfumes are distinguished by spicy bottom notes, often paired with flowery, woody or herbal notes and their allure carry away to faraway countries, never visited or longed to be seen again.

The scent of fig leaves bestow gentle, sweet, herbal, green notes, with a woody and musky undertone, recalling the summery and relaxing holiday spirit. The essential oil of pink pepper has always been used in perfumery for its sparkling notes as this spice fascinates and mesmerize with its unmistakable scent. Pink pepper is renowed for its cool olfactory note, gently spicy in comparison with the sharp intense aroma of other spices. Mint essential oil is well known in perfume for pleasantly fresh notes, adding that feeling of refreshing wellness.

Plunge into the icy coolness of Foglia Ghiacciata eau de parfum, in the shade of a wild fig, among the cyan water pools: it’s the heat of August calling you in!