Perfumes & lifestyles: check out which one suits you best!

Perfumes & lifestyles: check out which one suits you best!

Choosing the perfume which suits you best is a willful act of wellness: we desire a fragrance that mirrors our lifestyle and makes us feel good. Yet, that’s not as easy as it might sound. Which perfume to wear has often been an unsolved riddle: shall I go for the one with the fancy bottle, the latest high end brand perfume or just pick one amongst the perfumes on offer? The solution is at close hand: just imagine that perfumes are like characters, unique yet with manifold facets. Here we have singled out a list of lifestyles matched with olfactory families and notes of perfumes: just choose your lifestyle and you’ll find which perfume suits you best, easy peasy!


Those who love sports will mirror him/herself in a light perfume that yields a fresh feeling of wellness. Wandering among marine, green, flowery and mineral olfactory notes we suggest this selection of sporty perfumesSalis (with sea salt, myrtle and helicrysum), the flowery-marine fragrance of Elicriso Marino or Foglia Ghiacciata, from the green-spicy olfactory family.


Always on the look for new challenges, he/she goes from the office to a vernissage downtown, then to a dance club until late at night but at dawn he/she’s already scheduled a  hike in the woods. What’s his/her perfume? An active person will choose among the amber chord of Cuoio Biancoget tickled by the citrus notes of Rabarbaro Esperidato or get wrapped up in the leather-wood notes of Terra.


Creative people fuel on inventing, developing and designing. They will cherish a spicy perfume like Opium smoke or the balanced combination of citrus and spicy notes of Black Pepper, as well as tobacco, benzoin resin and patchouli notes of Tabacco Dolce.


Their perfume is meant to inebriate, wrapping those around them in a comforting olfactory hug. They will love the fruity-flowery notes of Tuscia berries, the spicy sensuality of Spicy vanilla or the aphrodisiac qualities of vanilla combining with cloves in Dust of Siena. From La via del profumo a shortlist of sensual women’s perfumes playing on flowery, amber and green notes: Fior GentileTuberosa Ambrata and Iris Muschiato.


Romantics get thrilled by watching the sunset, even though they’ve already seen thousands of them. Their hearts, apparently calm, hide an everlasting turmoil. Which perfume suits a romantic person? One with flowery notes like Noble VioletZafferano RosaIris Muschiato and Tuscia berries but also the fruity-leather notes lingering on/indulging in Tabacco Dolce.

Nature lover

Nature lovers escape outdoors as soon as they can, nature is their inspiration in pursuing holistic wellness. Their perfume tells about the power and majesty of nature, as through the marine notes of Salis, the fruity-green ones of Elba’s fig, as well as the flowery-marine of Elicriso Marino or the flowery-spicy of Foglia Ghiacciata.


He/She is sensitive to beauty especially in art. Evocative scents like Tuscia berriesSpicy Vanilla, Zafferano Rosa and Speziato Nero (with its spicy-woody notes) let their imagination run wild


While travelling, he/she’s already planning the next journey to fall in love with. The perfume of the traveller tells the atmospheres of faraway yet familiar places: Opium smokeSpeziato Nero and Legno Patchouli (with its woody-amber notes) or also Terra , blending olfactory notes of  linden, birch and oak moss.


As there are standards for everything, why try to change what history has already processed for us? The perfume of the traditionalist relies on well-established woody-amber olfactory notes as in Resin drops or Legno Patchoulithe flowery standard of Violetta Nobile and the flowery-woody accord of Zafferano Rosa.


Those who enjoy contemplating go for a meditative-friendly perfume. For your best pensive moods  we suggest our eau de parfum harmonized on woody, amber and spicy notes such as Tabacco Dolce, Resin dropsSpeziato Nero and Opium smoke.