Scented candles: emotions and memories!

Scented candles: emotions and memories!

The heat of a flame has positive effects on our spirit and mood: candle light candle brings a feeling of calm and well-being, intimacy and peace of mind. Burning a scented candle has many benefits! Our sense of smell is the sense which is most closely linked to emotions and our memories, reason why we speak of “olfactory memory”. Giving or receiving a scented candle as a gift means sharing a little of its light and perfume with those who receive or give it! Let’s find out how scented candles can create a relaxing, energizing or sensual atmosphere, according to our needs!

If the beauty of the flame is instantaneous, we cannot expect the same for the scent, in fact the fragrance will spread in the air as the wax is consumed, so it is a good idea to light the candle at least 20 minutes before we want the scent to diffuse in the air. For relaxing atmospheres, choose lavender based fragrances (naturally relaxing according to aromatherapy) while gourmand olfactory notes (such as vanilla) or talc get you into a good mood by easing tension.









To diffuse energizing notes, choose scented candles with citrusy essential oils (eg. Black Pepper or Sicily Citrus) and sensual aromas with spices (eg. Symphony of Spices or Spicy Vanilla) while for an enveloping atmospheres choose amber, woody and musky fragrances, for instance with patchouli and oak moss (eg Tuscan pine, Sandalwood, Smoke of Opium).


The candle wick mustn’t be too long, otherwise the wax won’t burn correctly. The ideal length is about 5 mm, so before lighting your candle, always check that it is not too long and, if necessary, shorten it. Furthermore, between one use and the next, it is a good idea to remove the burned part to avoid the smell of smoke and to encourage correct candle burning.

When it is time to blow out a candle, never blow directly on the flame, otherwise you end up with a smoky, burnt smell, as well as unpleasant spews of hot wax. The best way to turn out a candle is to moisten your thumb and forefinger and put out the flame right between your fingers, just like our grandparents did. If the thought makes you shudder, not to worry. If the candle has a fireproof lid (like our new candles with natural ceramic lid) gently close it and, by removing oxygen, the flame will quickly die down. If you don’t have a lid or a snuffer just “drown” the wick in liquid wax, with the help of an unlit match or a toothpickDon’t forget to immediately put the wick back vertically, before the wax solidifies!