Tabacco Dolce, the scent of November!

Tabacco Dolce, the scent of November!

The scent we propose you for November is Tabacco Dolce, an eau de parfum that celebrates tobacco as a perfume ingredient in all its majestic richness. Tobacco olfactory notes have always been favoured in perfumery for winter perfumes, although if well balanced they can enrich 4-season scents.

Tabacco Dolce is one of 12 eau de parfums of La via del profumo collection and it is inspired by charming Lucca and its walls. A leather-fruity perfume with olfactory notes of tobacco, benzoin resin and patchouli. The leather olfactory family includes fragrances based on tobacco, leather or suede which best suit winter time, so what better time than November to restore yorself and face winter?

Tobacco in perfume composition is a timeless ingredient, ever since the extraction of its essential oil from the leaves was discovered, it has been used for its leather notes that give a comforting feeling of warmth.

Patchouli is a plant whose leaves are put to dry to express their best olfactory power while benzoin essential oil is extracted from the benzoin resin and is an excellent fixative of perfume bottom notes, as it slows down the evaporation of the essential oils of a fragrance.

Tabacco Dolce eau de parfum tells the olfactory impressions of a stroll by Lucca’s walls, when the outline of the town with its churches and bell towers stands out in the twilight. In this hushed atmosphere the intense scent of tobacco, superior quality product of Tuscany, inspires the creation of a blend that merges the meditative mood of patchouli with the strenght of benzoin for a scented caress that will finely embrace you.