Terra, the woody-leather perfume-telling of Tuscany

Terra, the woody-leather perfume-telling of Tuscany

The scents of the woods reflect the fascinating world of mother Nature and her vital strenght: Terra is the woody-leather eau de parfum that witholds in its heart the scented bouquet of woods, moss and the aroma of Tuscan woodland.

Terra is one of 12 eau de parfums of La via del profumo collection and it is inspired by the stunning Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany. This charming land with the majestic view of its wavy hills has enchanted the whole world, Terra is its perfume: a woody-leather jus with captivating notes of birch, limewood and oak moss.

Birch is often used in perfumery to add that leather facet to the fragrance pyramid, as, infact throughout history birch tar was employed in the tanning industry. The scent of birch is highly evocative, swaying between crisp cold air and wild, smoky woods.

Limewood scent conveys a green-herbal note to the perfume, with moderate sweet undertones. It expresses calm and serenity, fostering your senses into a contemplative journey into nature.

Oak moss is the sheer scent of woodland in perfume creation: you can sense the solidness of the oak and the sharp deep scent of moss that transpires from it. A musky bottom note lies under the olfactory veil of Terra, a scented haze in which to retreat and immerge your senses in the wanderlust of Val d’Orcia.