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Salis’ fragrance is inspired by the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean maquis. Its perfume releases the desire to stretch out on the rocks where the salt slowly gathers with each lap of the water, wave after wave, beneath the robust energy of an impassioned sun.

OLFACTORY NOTES: Marine Accord, Mediterranean Helichrysum

Also add a Refill of the same scent together with the home fragrance.
By keeping the liquid level not less than ¾ of the height of the bottle, the essence evaporates evenly and thus lasts longer.

The sticks are included if you purchase a home fragrance but are not included with the purchase of a refill.


To Use: remove the cap and dip the sticks into the product. Rotate the sticks frequently to renew the fragrance.

The fragrance you choose for your home represents you, thus it must be to your liking and make you feel comfortable. However, there are essences suitable for each environment.
Foyer Flowery and fruity fragrances that evoke a sense of welcoming and render the atmosphere enveloping and vivacious are recommended for the entrance area. Cuore di Pepe Nero, Bacche di Tuscia, Fiori di Mimosa Lavanda, Uva e Mirtillo.
Dining Room Citrus and mineral fragrances are ideal for the kitchen as they fill the room with scintillating, positive energy: Agrumi di Sicilia, Chimera di Agrumi, Cuore di Pepe Nero, Fiori di Mimosa, Salis.
Lounge Floral, fruity and spicy fragrances are evergreens that can be tweaked according to seasonality to create environments with a relaxing and joyful atmosphere: Bacche di Tuscia, Chimera di Agrumi, Cuore di Pepe Nero, Il Classico, Fico d’Elba, Fumo di Oppio, Legno di Vigna, Sinfonia di Spezie, Vaniglia Piccante.
SPA/Bathroom Marine, fresh and spicy fragrances are great for this area as the perfect compromise between energy and relaxation. Agrumi di Sicilia, Chimera di Agrumi, Il Classico, Fico d’Elba, Lavanda, Salis.
Bedroom In this ambience dedicated to total relaxation, delicate fragrances are best for creating a relaxed atmosphere in which to abandon all the tensions of the day: : Fico d’Elba, Fiori di Mimosa, Lavanda, Salis.

The best way to select the right size of diffuser is to assess the dimensions of the room in which it is to be placed.
100 ml – up to 3 m2
250 ml – up to 6 m2
500 ml – up to 15 m2
1000 ml – up to 30 m2
3000 ml – over 30 m2

How long the fragrance lasts depends on several factors – the characteristics of the room, the ceiling height, heating, exposure to direct sunlight and air currents that can encourage evaporation. To increase the duration of the fragrance, it is best to keep the liquid level no lower than ¾ of the height of the bottle, so as to allow the essence to evaporate evenly. The sticks absorb the essence and diffuse it into the room. We recommend turning them over at least a couple of times during the day to maintain the intensity of the fragrance. Care should be taken when turning the sticks upside down to avoid spilling any drops of fragrance, as it could stain some types of surface. If any drops are spilt, we suggest drying the surface immediately. The sticks can be used for the entire life of the product plus a refill of the same capacity.
100 ml ~ 1 month
250 ml ~ 2–3 months
500 ml ~ 3–4 months
1000 ml ~ 6–7 months
3000 ml ~ over 12 months



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