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Fresh and fruity, strong and decisive, spicy and amber, feminine and masculine fragrances that embrace every taste and preference. The Erbario Toscano fragrances tune into everyone's body to give off perfume and personality at the same time. For this they must be sprayed on the parts of the body where the heartbeat is felt: inside the wrists and at the base of the neck

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7 products

7 products

immagine creativa profumo

Perfumes collect in themselves a kaleidoscopic reverberation of our person. Erbario Toscano wants to enhance the mnemonic aspect of the perfume, going beyond simple sensoriality. The close link with the Tuscan lands and their varied nature creates a game of involuntary memories through which the fragrance exerts its evocative power: the pleasant moments of a holiday and the dense richness of a region that embodies centuries of history, art, culture and contemporary beauty, in this case, all to be worn on the skin.

Through careful research, merging passion and emotions, we come to the creation of the perfume. Fluctuating from fresh fragrances to strong, decisive and amber aromas, which, if on the one hand they recall a land that extends from the mountains to the sea, on the other they portray the variegated aspects of human natures.

Sprayed on the wrists and at the base of the neck, the perfumes of Erbario Toscano release the pulsations of your heart and those of a territory that encompasses generations of emotions and passions.

When you look at a bottle of perfume, what you have in front of you is a living substance. Perfume changes, evolves by its very nature and does not remain the same. The transformation of a perfume follows an olfactory pyramid which is made up of three levels: the top, heart and base notes . If it is important to know the olfactory notes of a fragrance to orient yourself in your choice, do not fall into the mistake of simplifying everything with an algebraic result: a perfumed composition is not given by the sum of its ingredients but the result of their interaction, a alchemy of which we are proudly the creators. To guide you in finding your olfactory path, let yourself be guided by the olfactory accord, as the main component of a melody that will be your favorite perfume composition.

macro profumo

We wear perfumes to enhance ourselves, the changing forms of our personality, our unique yet multifaceted nature, which we try to stigmatize in essence.

Try our perfumes. You will find that one of them was born for you.

Your lifestyle is…

Dynamic, traveler and creative? Cuore di Pepe Nero: warm and sensual, with energizing, toning and refreshing powers;

Creative, traveler and contemplative? Fumo di Oppio: the body of sandalwood marries the sweetness of cardamom and the sensuality of cumin

Dynamic, traditional and contemplative? Gocce di Resina: a dive into an eternal time

Romantic / ae sensual Vaniglia Piccante: the sensuality of vanilla welcomes the seduction of spices.

Romantic, sensual and traveller? Polvere di Siena: between the freshness of bergamot, the sweetness of vanilla and the pungent aroma of black pepper.

Dynamic, naturalist and traveller? Fico d'Elba: the green of the fig leaves meets the sweetness of the almond.

Romantic, esthete, naturalist and sensual? Bacche di Tuscia, a daring clash between fruity notes, woods and resin.

Sportsman, dynamic and naturalist? Salis, sea foam and Mediterranean scrub in a fresh aquatic-aromatic accord.

Romantic and traditional? Violetta Nobile, a sweet and delicately citrusy bloom.

You can also choose to reinvigorate your body by nebulizing Refreshing Body Water after the shower, useful in summer to keep the skin fresh and hydrated and in winter to relieve skin dryness and dehydration. Awaken the senses and tease the memory with perfumes that are the result of love for places full of emotions and historical richness