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Good facial care products determine the youthfulness of your skin. Erbario Toscano starts from botanical extracts to create natural products, favoring the vegetable qualities of the raw materials.

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43 products


43 products

43 products

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We have created for you a complete line of products based on IGP Tuscan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Elisir d'Olivo takes care of your face starting from its cleansing. The velvety Cleansing Milk takes care of your skin well-being, ensuring gentle cleansing. For a purified and hydrated face, dab your skin with the protective Tonic Lotion with regenerating properties. When your face is perfectly cleansed, dedicate yourself to its hydration. Apply an Anti-aging or Moisturizing Cream to give it brightness and to counteract the formation of wrinkles.
Then think about your lips. The soft moisturizing balm for the nose and lip contour is also an excellent base for make-up.
More intense and spicy fragrances are those dedicated to the products of the men's line. The Aftershave Balm takes care of men's skin, making it supple and toned, thanks to a plant blend with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Personal care is the first gesture of love for yourself. This is why Erbario Toscano has created lines of bath and body products, designed to meet the needs of different skin and hair types. Our products are born from the processing of excellent raw materials, expertly treated to enhance the active ingredients that generate your well-being.
Always guided by the love for our land, we start from the fragrances that the area releases to generate olfactory accords intended to stimulate emotion, memory and imagination. Each fragrance has a character, each composition a function. You have the pleasure of recognizing yourself in the perfect fragrance of our products: shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, hands, feet, body cream or emulsion or the enveloping embrace of dry oil.

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With an unmistakable Mediterranean aroma, the Elisir d'Olivo body products, based on Organic Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil , are an elixir of pure beauty and nourishment for the body, perfect for treating dryness and skin aridity, thanks to the its intense nourishing and restorative activity.

Unique fragrances for the body with Cuore di Pepe Nero: between the spicy scents of the aromas of the Orient and the lashing ones of Sicilian citrus fruits, the inebriating fragrance of vital energy and mystery. Woody and amber notes guide the mind towards exotic distant lands, imbued with sensuality and suggestion.

Mysterious like the ancient land to which it belongs, Bacche di Tuscia vigorous and sensual, is inspired by a forest, with its fruity notes and scents of wood and resin. Releases a fragrant game made of contrasts and synergies, which give the skin hydration and freshness.

Salis is the fragrance inspired by the coast and the Mediterranean maquis, by the freedom of body and spirit. Evocative of the brackish that releases the wave broken on the rock, it generates energy and vitality. With BIO Calendula extract, enriched with fresh nuances of helichrysum and wild myrtle and mineral tones associated with the fresh aroma of thyme, it touches the skin, inebriating it with a pleasant energy.

Seduction and sweetness in Vaniglia Piccante generate an intriguing sensory experience with emollient, toning and soothing action. The floral top note and the more persistent notes of Spicy Madagascar Vanilla marry a woody and sweet heart of sandalwood and patchouli and delicate amber resins. A tribute to simplicity and beauty in bathroom products.