How to have perfect hands: 3-step routine

How to have perfect hands: 3-step routine

Easily neglected when it comes to our daily beauty routine, our hands are always in the spotlight and should deserve a better treatment. Bye-bye chapped hands, here’s how to have perfect hands with an easy 3-step routine, hassle-free!

Step one: cleansing! To have flawless hands it’s important to wash them with a delicate cleanser, parabens and silicons free, mild on our skin PH. In addition to that a delicate exfoliation helps our cell rejuvenation as it elimates dead skin cells and favours the absorption of eventual hand creams or treatments.  

For example our  Elisir d’Olivo soap delicately cleanses the skin leaving it soft and moisturized thank to the nourishing and soothing ingredients of the Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus the flecks of olive leaves gently exfoliate promoting the elimination of dead cells and impurities.

Step two: drying! It might sound trivial but carefully drying up your hands after washing is very important. The water remaining on your hands might alter the natural skin PH and eventually chap, especially depending on the hardness of the water (namely the percentage of salts and minerals in it).

Step three: moisturizing and nourishing! As a matter of fact after washing your hands, be sure to follow up with hand lotion or hand cream to add moisture back in. Hand cream has to be soothing and nourishing at the same time. Daily application is a must-do as it regenerates the skin acid mantle, protecting it from cold and hot weather, washing our hands with aggressive cleansers on the go and natural skin aging. We suggest to keep a bottle next to the washbasin in the bathroom or sink in the kitchen and carry a smaller one in our purse, so you have no excuse to forget applying your hand cream!

Our hand creams are easily absorbed by our skin and moisturize, nourish and protect our hands. They are made with natural ingredients and parabens, silicons and mineral oils free.

Besides your daily routine, once a week remember to apply a nourishing hand cream pack: we suggest at night making the best of our sleep time when the skin is most receptive of active ingredients. Put a coat of cream and wear some organic cotton gloves, sleep tight, farewell chapped hands and wake up with flawless hands!